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What are Dubai's most popular bathroom styles?

If you are considering a bathroom renovation in Dubai, chances are you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about bathroom design ideas and wondering what are Dubai’s most popular bathroom styles?

Whilst social media can provide a wealth of inspiration and is a good place to start, some people find the sheer amount of inspiration overwhelming.

They can find it difficult to narrow down ideas or know if the ideas they are looking at can even be replicated in their own space. This is why we always recommend working with a bathroom design professional to ensure a perfect renovation.

To help get you started, our expert bathroom designers have rounded up some of Dubai’s most popular bathroom styles.

Modern Bathroom Style

A modern bathroom never goes out of style and offers endless design possibilities. One of the best things about modern bathrooms is that they can all be completely unique.

Typically, modern bathrooms are defined by their characteristics rather than a specific type of design or colour scheme. They embody sleek, elegant, and clean lines with pleasing geometric shapes.

Personally, we think you can’t go wrong with a simple, neutral colour scheme but with an added splash of bold colour!

You can also expect to find the best innovative and technologically advanced bathroom products in a modern bathroom space. A modern bathroom reflects the needs of modern-day life, and as with most areas of our life we crave efficiency.

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Scandinavian bathroom style

Scandinavian Bathroom Style

The Scandinavian bathroom trend has grown immensely popular the last few years – and for good reason! When browsing bathroom design ideas, If a relaxing but practical bathroom appeals the most to you, then a Scandinavian bathroom style might be perfect.

One of the main features of a Scandinavian style bathroom is light. Scandi bathrooms mostly use natural, light colours to create the feeling of a light, open and fresh space.

All of which aids in creating a relaxing, cosy atmosphere. In some cases, people choose to add a darker colour (usually black) to add a slight sense of drama to the room.

As well as light and colour, texture is a big part of Scandi style. Natural textures, such as wood, add warmth and creates an earthy feel. Wooden floors and vanity units are perfect for Scandinavian style bathrooms.

Typically, they focus on simplicity whilst being practical and offering excellent functionality.

Traditional Bathroom Style

As the saying goes – you can’t beat a classic! And this is especially true when it comes to bathrooms.

Some people mistakenly assume traditional means stuffy and dated – but they could not be more wrong! A traditional bathroom design is timeless and an everlasting trend; they exude elegance with a classic London style.

A traditional style bathroom focuses on the details and includes statement pieces. A typical statement piece can be a freestanding bath – such as clawfoot tub, slipper bath, or a roll top bath. Many of these baths can be painted in any colour of your choosing. Large, freestanding vanity units are also feature for a classically styled bathroom.

Most traditional style bathrooms have a neutral colour palette, particularly black and white, but many people like to add a splash of colour for detailing. This can be enhanced with patterned wallpaper or tiles for a more dramatic effect.


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The new bathroom that Kallums have installed for us is truly breath-taking - they completed the work efficiently and without disturbing the rest of the house or the area around the bathroom. Any wrinkles during the installation were ironed out quickly and without hassle. Can't thanks the team at Kallums enough for the work they've done.

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Kallums transformed our family bathroom and house plumbing completely. It is now incredibly beautiful and highly functional. The showroom was easy to use and the staff helped me narrow down the vast amount of choice to fittings that were both pleasing and good value. The whole process took a long time but it was definitely worth it.

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