Designer Bathrooms Dubai

Designer Bathrooms Dubai

We're a team of expert bathroom designers based in Dubai

Here at Kallums, we specialise in creating designer bathrooms throughout Dubai. We believe that luxury can be achieved anywhere, including the bathroom, and that everyone deserves an indulgent space to relax and unwind in.

Many people have saved Instagram images or created Pinterest boards of luxury interiors that they would love in their own home, but feel is unattainable. 

With our extensive bathroom design skills, we believe anything is possible and love making peoples dream bathrooms a reality.

Below, we unpack exactly what it takes to create a truly sensational designer bathroom in Dubai and how we can help you achieve it.

Designer Bathroom Design Dubai

The key to a great bathroom is to have it designed by a professional. Bathrooms are more complex than they seem, and there are many technical factors that need to be considered when creating a new bathroom design.

Every bathroom is different, so some bathrooms may have more complex technical considerations than others, which can greatly affect your design.

A great bathroom should not only look great, but also offer excellent functionality that suits your lifestyle and meets your individual or family needs. Creating a bathroom that ticks all these boxes requires a qualified, highly skilled, professional bathroom designer.

Whilst many people have a rough idea of what they want their new bathroom design to look like, it can be a struggle putting pen to paper and actioning the design.

A bathroom designer can do all of this for you, whilst ensuring the plan is achievable and will produce the desired results. This is will also save you time and guarantee the job is done right.

Another often overlooked benefit is your bathroom renovation will be much less stressful.

Managing a new bathroom design whilst still juggling the pressures of daily life can be incredibly stressful, especially if you don’t have much experience with bathroom refurbishments.

Having a dedicated bathroom expert manage the design of your new bathroom will result in a hassle-free experience, as well as peace of mind knowing everything will be done perfectly.

Our team includes the best bathroom designers in the industry! If you are considering a Dubai bathroom renovation, contact our friendly team today.

We would love to make your dream bathroom a reality. 

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Designer Bathroom Fittings in Dubai

What really distinguishes a designer bathroom? The products! Using luxury bathroom products throughout your space will elevate your bathroom to a whole other level.

The saying “you get what you pay for” is especially true when it comes to bathrooms.

Whilst a lower budget bathroom may seem like a great deal or a cost-effective solution, this is rarely the case. In fact, they can end up costing you more money in the long run as cheap bathroom fittings are not built to last!

The cost can quickly add up in many ways such as having to fix leaks, find replacement parts, and having to completely refurbish again in a short space of time.

A premium bathroom can be viewed as an investment. Paying for the best bathroom fittings in Dubai may most more upfront, but your bathroom will still look brand new in 10 years’ time. Not only does this benefit you, but it also benefits the environment.

Luxury bathroom fittings are always made from superior quality materials that have excellent durability and longevity, making them the more economical, sustainable choice.

Here at Kallums, we supply an extensive range of eco-friendly bathroom fittings. Such as water saving taps, energy efficient lights, and many products made from sustainable materials.

A more obvious benefit of a designer bathroom is It will look visually stunning. And who doesn’t want their home to look aesthetically pleasing? 

However, there is so much more to luxury bathroom products than their aesthetics. Not only do they look good, but they also feel good!

Only when experiencing the touch and feel of premium bathroom fittings can you truly appreciate their superior quality. 

Many of our products have a wide range of bespoke options

You can create something truly unique that represents your taste and style. We include bespoke finishes and luxurious textures that further enhance your bathroom design. And nothing says luxury quite like a bespoke bathroom that no one else has.

Designer Bathroom Ideas

We’ve explained in detail what sets apart a luxury bathroom design. Now, we will show you!

Below we’ve listed a few of our favourite bathroom design ideas, trends and styles that exude luxury.

Bathroom Tile Design

Bathroom tiles can make or break a bathroom design. But you can’t go wrong with premium bathroom tiles, especially when curated by an expert bathroom designer.

A bathroom design that allows the bathroom tiles to be the standout feature usually results in a bold, exquisite feel. Especially when paired with modern, minimalist sanitaryware. We only supply bathroom tiles that are crafted to an exceptional quality with a luxurious feel and texture.

Scroll through some of our favourite bathroom tiles designs below and get some great bathroom tile ideas for your new bathroom.

Home Spa

We said earlier that everyone deserves an indulgent space to relax and unwind in, and we truly believe that. What better way to create this luxurious sanctuary than your own home spa?

Incorporating wellness into your daily life has so many health benefits and can easily be achieved by bringing the spa experience into your own bathroom.

From saunas to steam generators, Kallums can create the luxurious, home spa experience for you in no time.

Bathroom Vanities

Large, textured vanities are a huge bathroom trend – One that we think never goes out of style. They can create a luxe focal point in any bathroom and be tailored perfectly into any bathroom design.

A luxury bathroom vanity offers the perfect location to get ready in the morning, as well as excellent bathroom storage. We supply an extensive range of bathroom furniture and vanities that can be customised to your needs and bathroom. Such as bespoke sizing, colours, finishes and textures.

One style we love to see is a white or neutral coloured bathroom with a brightly coloured bathroom vanity! It adds a sense of character as well as luxe styling.

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