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Here at Kallums Bathrooms, we consider ourselves experts on all thing’s luxury bathrooms. It’s imperative when designing a new bathroom that someone with specialist knowledge is involved to ensure that everything is correct and installed to the highest standard.

This is even more true with luxury bathrooms. If you are considering a luxury bathroom remodel, we strongly suggest visiting a bathroom showroom and speaking with an expert.

Luxury Bathroom Showrooms

Our luxury bathroom showroom will be opening very soon at 4B St Corner 15A St Al Quoz 1, Dubai UAE.

If you are planning a bathroom remodel, our team of bathroom experts are always on hand and ready to help. A luxury bathroom can be viewed as an investment, which is why we highly recommend visiting our showroom and discussing your project with our expert team.

With bathrooms, the saying “you get what you pay for” couldn’t be more accurate. This is because lower quality bathroom products are not built to last, and you end up spending more money on fixing leaks, replacement parts and ultimately having to completely renovate your bathroom again in a small space of time.

This is why we say a luxurious, designer bathroom can be viewed as an investment. Even though you pay more upfront for the best bathroom fittings in Dubai, your bathroom will still look and perform like new in 10 years’ time.

Premium bathroom fittings


Premium bathroom fittings do more than just benefit you – they also benefit the environment! They are made from the highest quality materials which boast excellent durability and longevity. Making them more sustainable and economically friendly.

With all this in mind, it makes sense to visit our luxury bathroom showroom and sit down with our knowledgeable team. Before fully committing to your bathroom remodel, you will want to discover all the possibilities that can be created within your space.

Experience superior quality finishes, textures, and materials in person to ensure you are choosing the best bathroom fittings in Dubai for your remodel. Our expert team can discuss what’s possible with your space, advise of any technical concerns, and help you design your dream bathroom.

Luxury Bathroom Design

There are many different ways to achieve the most luxurious bathroom design, but ultimately what every individual considers luxurious is subjective.

So, the first step is always to sit down and consider exactly what you would want in your dream bathroom. Write a list of styles you love and consider sumptuous, as well as products or designs that would promote relaxation.

One of the best ways to ensure a successful luxury bathroom remodel, is by working with one of talented bathroom designers.

 With the right guidance, we believe anything is possible.

So, after you’ve wrote a list of everything you would like in your luxury bathroom remodel, you can discuss with one of our professional bathroom designers who can help guide and support you throughout the project.

Working with our team of professional bathroom designers also guarantees all the important technical aspects of a bathroom renovation are covered – which if done incorrectly can cause lots of issues.

So not only will your new bathroom look incredible, but it will also boast perfect functionality.

Luxury Bathroom Décor Ideas

In this modern age, many homeowners now find interior design inspiration and guidance online when planning a renovation. Whilst this is a great option to gather bathroom design ideas, it can also cause confusion and lure you into a false sense of security.

On the other hand, some people find the sheer amount of online inspiration overwhelming and struggle to narrow down ideas or understand what is and isn’t possible in their space.

This is another reason why we always recommend visiting our luxury bathroom showroom and discussing your project with a professional bathroom designer.

However, below we have collated a few of our top tips for creating a luxury bathroom.

To provide you with some advice and guidance before visiting our new bathroom showroom in Dubai.

Bathroom Tile Design

Bathroom tiles have a lot of sway on a bathroom design, and when used effectively, can create a luxurious ambience.

Particularly if used by an expert bathroom designer to curate an incredible bathroom design. There are many ways to add luxury to your space with bathroom tiles, and ultimately, it’s down to personal preference.

However, below we have rounded up a few of our favourite luxury bathroom tile ideas.

bespoke bathroom design dubai

Luxury bathroom essentials

It may come as a surprise, but there are some very simple ways to add luxury to a bathroom. One of the simplest is with luxury bathroom accessories.

Even the most basic of bathroom accessories such as a soap dispenser or tumbler can add elegance to the bathroom décor. A great example is fluted glass bathroom accessories – simple yet elegant!

To further enhance the bathroom décor, you can also add a large, luxurious bathroom mirror and some ambient bathroom lighting. This also helps to make the space feel more open and create a relaxing ambience.

luxury bathroom tiles dubai

Bold Bathroom Tiles

Create a bold, exquisite feel by making your tiles the standout feature of your new bathroom. This can just be one or two walls or used throughout the entire space. This particular style works really well when paired with modern, minimalist sanitaryware.

Calm and Serene

Create a calm, relaxing space with simple but luxurious marble tiles. A popular favourite is luxe white marble, which many people find to create a soothing ambience.

Another great option is pairing white marble tiles with black marble tiles to create a monochrome effect. Alternatively, a bolder option is pairing white marble tiles with coloured marble tiles such as green or blue.

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